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A lunch powwow turned into a partnership, and by 1997, Mc Aden had matched de Lasa's initial investment and the twosome headed a revamped activities service dubbed Social Circles.

The service, which organizes outings such as rock climbing and swing dancing for singles, sends its members a monthly calendar detailing upcoming events.

As these services to bring single people together grew, the internet was the logical connection medium, bridging space and time, and reducing the cost of meeting singles through chart rooms and newspaper ads. And hundreds of niche markets now serve every whim, kink, and desire of adults seeking romantic, sexual, and life long connection. After millions of people, searching for love online, realized that standard dating techniques DON NOT APPLY ONLINE, the need for this book grew.

When 1996 rolled around, the first dating sites were online and growing. Here, in this book, we have distilled the wisdom of online dating gurus.

Interested parties then contact Social Circles to sign up.