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Elsewhere, Jazmine reinvents her look in an effort to woo Malik's pal Kevin.

Season 1, Episode 13July 18, 2007Ella worries that Malik has obsessive-compulsive disorder when the youngster becomes overly consumed with taking showers.

Meanwhile, the firehouse gang prepares for the annual inspection---sans help from Curtis. CJ's life turns topsy-turvy upon the shocking discovery that he may have fathered another child.

Season 1, Episode 23August 22, 2007When Jazmine absconds with the class hamster, the school's attractive assistant principal (Robinne Lee) pays a visit to the Payne home to investigate. A neighbor moves in with the Paynes after a fire renders his home uninhabitable, but the man soon emerges as an annoying houseguest. Meanwhile, Malik gets a tattoo and comes to regret that decision. Brown (David Mann) decides to transform his late father's house into a senior center.

Before long, young Malik develops a crush on the woman. Elsewhere, Calvin finds romance---with a con artist. Elsewhere, Calvin plans to launch an online-dating service after he endures a dreadful date.

Season 1, Episode 24August 22, 2007A nasty storm hits Atlanta, overwhelming the firehouse. J., Ella and Claretha miscommunicate about retrieving the kids from school---a mix-up that leads to sparks flying between C. Season 1, Episode 29September 12, 2007CJ tries to balance going out on a date with Nicole (Robinne Lee) and having a father-daughter day with Jazmine.

Season 1, Episode 12July 11, 2007As the firehouse guys fire off fund-raising ideas for charity, they await the imminent arrival of a new female firefighter, who just might stir up their male-dominated world.

And Calvin gives commerce pointers to young Jazmine, who sets out to sell candy for her school.