Who is aida mollenkamp dating

Doing a show is such a big process—everything from creating your recipes to learning your lines and long, long hours.Everything you saw on , but there's some buzz online about how Adam's show pilot incorporated the element of answering questions via the Internet. Viewers can also email and text their questions, and Aida will answer some of them on the show.

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We were basically just playing around onset all day, and from what I’m told they were able to capture that. How did he come onboard and how is it working with him? They set me up with a group of potential sidekicks and I spent about 5-10 minutes with each one. Noah and I had very similar senses of humor and personalities. I’m a huge traveler, so I don’t usually mind the hours it takes to travel.

Your show isn't really "live." Think you'd ever have a show featuring live questions, ones you hadn't heard beforehand?

I'd definitely need to ease into something like that.

They’d been kicking around the idea of for over a year and when we met we realized this interactive show fit with my personality. We teamed up with a fabulous producer, Irene Wong, who worked with Giada [De Laurentiis] in the past.

You’re a trained chef and have done a lot cooking videos online for CHOW. She really worked with me, putting me through “hosting boot camp” if you will.