Ware xml validating parser

Setting the property to None creates a W3C-compliant, non-validating parser. Validation Type property is set to Auto by default.The Xml Validating Reader takes an Xml Text Reader as input. This applies to attribute types defined in a DTD, as well as attribute and element types defined in an XDR schema or XML Schema (XSD).

If an external DTD or schema needs to be loaded, the resolver class provided as the Xml Validating Reader.

Xml Resolver Property is used to locate the external resource. Read Typed Value returns the contents of a simple type element or attribute as an object in the corresponding . A simple type element or attribute is an element or attribute declared in the schema as a simple type, for example, as string or integer.

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The Xml Validating Reader provides DTD, XDR schema and XML Schema validation services by implementing the validity constraints defined by the W3C. Validation Type, is set to the desired type of validation.

The Xml Validating Reader also provides a method to find out the data type of an object by using the Xml Validating Reader. For more information on the Xml Validating Reader, performing validation, and using it with schemas, see Validation of XML with Xml Validating Reader.