Vuze keeps updating

xt=urn:btih:2ea254e57648c31c9495f83f25449837a3b242a4&&&&... When I transcode them for Apple TV Gen 3, they seem to all be 2 channel rather than multichannel.

I am on 9.04 with Vuze (I tried the latest version of Vuze but it starts up and then doesn't work; is the only version permitted by default in Synaptic anyway).

I have looked through the forums and done some google searches, and cannot find how to export the crash dump list on a Mac version. I am running Vuze 5.7.3 on Mountain Lion, but the computer has good specs (16gb RAM etc).

However, any time I add any new torrent, the screen comes up to confirm and once I click on OK, Vuze greys out and remains that way for a long time and I have to kill the application.

When I go back in (only after a reboot, since killing it leaves some other application connected to it open or whatever) that torrent wasn't added.

I download to a network drive which sometimes loses connection for a second. I have to manually press "Start" again to keep downloading which is very annoying if it happens (e.g.) overnight. I have read through various other threads regarding the same problem, and it seems I need to export a crash dump list to assist with troubleshooting.

Can Vuze be set up to automatically retry torrents when they fail on errors like this? However, I am using Vuze on a Mac, and I cannot find out how to do this.

I don't remember doing anything that could lead to this (I wasn't playing around in Vuze settings), other than accepting Ubuntu's usual updates.