Vanessa hudgens dating right now

No one understands exactly what they went through during their formative teen years better than the two of them. During the time they dated, Zac and Vanessa showered each other with love — often buying lavish gifts and even moving in with each other for a time.

Sadly, I think they became too comfortable with one another and Vanessa got bored.

This seemed bizarre to me, particularly because Zac just had an interview in People magazine where he talked about how in love he used to be with her. I think the time Zac and Vanessa have taken to be apart from each other is healthy, but ultimately, I hope they get back together.

If we could have any dream I'd wish this moment Was ours to own it And that it would never leave Then I would thank that star That made our wish come true (Come true) oh yeah Cause he knows that Where you are is where I should be too Chorus: Right here, Right now I'm looking at you and My Heart love the view Cause you mean everything Right Here, I'll promise you Somehow that tomorrow Can wait for some other Day to be (to be) If this was forever, What could be better?

Interestingly enough, the former love birds remained friends and even rekindled their flame a couple times post-breakup.

Since that time, Vanessa has moved on with her new boy toy, Austin Butler, who she flaunts around like crazy — especially this year at Coachella.

Whenever the cameras were on her, Vanessa couldn’t wait to steal a passionate kiss with Austin.

According to reports and what I’ve heard from sources, she had a wandering eye while she was shooting her movie in Hawaii and completely wrecked her relationship with Zac. That said, Zac and Vanessa were too young to be that serious anyway at that point.