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APMG provides several accreditation services: Training Accreditation: We accredit training organizations, trainers and course materials.APMG is proud to be accredited in the UK, India and China by UKAS for several of its products and Change Management Certifications. UKAS is renowned for its rigorous assessment procedures and APMG follows suit - applying the same rigor when accrediting an individual or an organization.APMG is best known for accrediting training organizations that deliver a range of professional certifications and qualifications.

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Both of these are not possible with the the default way.

Successfully going through our assessment process is a testament to an Accredited Training Organization's (ATO) commitment to providing quality service.

They have agreed to maintain our high standards in their training, course materials and Quality Management System.

When I want to provide a number input box with basic validation and formatting in an Angular JS app, I have found the default way to be lacking.

The default way to is to declare an input element with a number type: .