Usher raymond dating

Artists like Madonna, Usher, and more went on social media to remember the popular performer.

You can see their poignant posts (below): in New York Monday (hosted in partnership with De León Tequila), looking cool in somewhat matching gray suits. When asked if he gives advice to the pop star about exposing his thingaling, the "I mean as a mentor, as he's has accepted my opinion, I can give my perspective.

On Monday, the late legend would have turned 58 years old, if it wasn't for his tragic passing in 2009.

In honor of the iconic artist's birthday, celebrities flocked to Twitter and Instagram to remember the superstar.

Except Bey's was way cooler thanks to those pinstripes. Related: Bey Uploads Never-Before-Seen Fam Pics The two were there to support Usher and Robert De Niro, both of whom star in the film, and Usher was the one who got a perfect shot of husband and wife snuggling up to each other with big smiles on their faces. All that It seems everyone's got something to say about Justin Bieber's peen! He's like a child to me so I don't necessarily feel like his business.