Us navy dating policy

And the cases that are reported are only the tip of the iceberg.Rank-and-file soldiers have stories of relationships between military personnel which are never brought to the attention of the authorities, while military lawyers are often called upon to provide advice when investigations are launched.Others have suggested that had a man been in a similar position, we might never have heard about the alleged affair - or at least it would not have made the front pages.

According to the new Fraternization policy, an NCO of any rank cannot have a personal relationship with anyone of the Jr.

Enslited ranks (E4 and below), to include cross-branches.

“There was a time when people did get thrown out just for having affairs, but the army can’t get away with that sort of thing now because of the Human Rights Act.

One such lawyer is Christopher Hill, who has been working in the field for more than 20 years.

In that time, he says he has represented around 40 soldiers who have been accused of having affairs with colleagues, and subsequently find themselves facing career-threatening disciplinary action.