Updating the sid for sas dating a depressed person

Welcome to SAS Setup, the program used to renew your SAS software.Some conventions used throughout SAS Setup are: * indicates which menu selection is the default choice ( ) indicates the default response to a prompt !

updating the sid for sas-17

Following this menu path, you will get to a program called Renew SAS Software: Renew SAS Software After clicking on Renew SAS Software, you will see the window below.

Ifyou would like to receive the SID via e-mail now, please use URL to retrieve itbefore continuing the installation.

Specify the file containing SAS Installation Data.--SAS Installation Data retrieved successfully.

starts a sub-shell on your system h displays help for a menu selection or prompt g goes back to a previous menu selection or prompt q quits SAS Setup at any point Setup Utilities Menu--------------------* 1.

Renew SAS Software ------------------------------- g: Go back q: Quit h: Help -------------------------------Action?