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He always used a whip-like cane that caused excruciating pain.

I subsequently attended St Kevin’s CBS, Ballygall Road East, for three years from 1969 and never experienced, or witnessed, any corporal punishment.

Br Mc Kinney was determined that all his students should achieve their maximum potential in life and would quote the Italian maxim, “Dream big, be big”.

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All Christian Brothers are now invariably portrayed as damaged ultra-nationalists and religious fanatics.

This is unfair to the decent, hard-working Christian Brothers that many of us were lucky to have met.

"Men who pretend to be in love start up a romance".

Sir, – Fr Con Mc Gillicuddy (January 4th) is correct when he writes that the Christian Brothers were not alone in using corporal punishment.

However, in my experience not all Christian Brothers did so.