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Female-to-male (FTM) chest surgery is a life changing decision that requires careful planning and consideration.Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to receive the care you need locally, which is why a large portion of our practice is dedicated to out-of-town patients.We have many men and women who travel from out-of-state or even out-of-country seeking Dr. If you’re an out-of-town patient considering FTM chest surgery, our office would be happy to help you with your travel plans. A virtual consultation will involve a verbal assessment of your surgical goals and overall health coupled with a discussion of the procedure, recovery time, surgical fees and more. Mosser may also request that you send photographs of your chest to our office for a visual evaluation. Mosser will be able to determine if FTM chest surgery is the right option for you.

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Because the vast majority of the consultation process can be done remotely, most patients are able to fly in for the first time just 1 to 2 days in advance of their procedure.

FTM chest surgery is typically outpatient, which means that you will be released from our care the same day as your surgery. Mosser recommends that all of his patients remain in-town for at least the first 10 days after surgery, so that he will be able to monitor your health and address any issues or concerns in person.

If you’re considering FTM travel plans in San Francisco, our staff would be happy to assist you with your arrangements.