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For those that prefer a specific ethnicity, there are many dating sites that are designed to be ethnicity-specific like,, or Which means that who we prefer to date is just as much in our control as it isn’t.

Studies show that black men and women are the least desirable in the dating preferential pool on gay or heterosexual sites.

Online dating users need to check themselves as well, though.

If we took a hard look at our sociological influences from the people were raised with, went to school with, work with, live in our community and the social media we are exposed to daily, we can start to understand better why we are attracted to who we are attracted to.

Preferential questions can be about weight, age, religion, lifestyle and ethnicity.

They are designed to help the site select the people who are more likely to be a successful match for a user looking for love.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and dating preference, but, perhaps we should start asking ourselves how much of that choice is a conscious one or just a habit.

Much of our “It’s just what I’m attracted to…” statements have been programmed by what we are constantly exposed to.


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    Whether it was sharing a sundae at the malt shop or a moonlight drive up to lookout point, I was certain it was going to be fun. Instead of shoulder-robing a letterman jacket as the sun dipped over the Pacific, I was rattling through dates that never went on to a second, sipping on cocktails, smiling and nodding and listening to thirty and even forty-something men in well worn band t-shirts tell me all about their latest project. A screenplay, a short film, their directorial debut, it feels as though there isn’t a single person who doesn’t have something else going on as well as their job and it is exhausting. One time, I was forty-five minutes into a conversation before my date asked me what I did for a living.

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    We guarantee that you will never need to pull out your credit card on our dating site.

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