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Someone from this IP told me they were a dying women and wanted me to pay fees to release inheritance that I was to give part to charity and keep the rest..not out this person is good! They went on months trying to ruin my relationship, when all of a sudden they disappeared from facebook.

this ip is certainly an internet scammer preying on people that he claims to be in love with guess we are all fools that fell for this cruel person. are there any photos of this person on line that i can compare to.

another ip address was also full of similar comments. This ip address is a scammer, contacted me from EHarmoney. He conned me out of $2000.00 told me he lived in Sanford, Co.. I don't think they can do anything but let us all know if they can.

If anyone is in fear of identity theft, contact Equifax, Experian and or Trans Union. Some of her E-mails were sent on eastern time and some were sent on pacific time...which makes sense since this ip address is identified from both Florida and California. A person with this IP address 209.1 got hold of my SS # and took out internet loans ($3,000 worth). I am in Sweden and that is the same ip number i have found....the man are more then one...spell and write diffrent....

You can have them put a fraud alert free of charge. This means no one can obtain any credit information without you personally unlocking. The woman behind this got me off myyearbook date site. Several different people were probably corresponding! Now, the collection companies are after me for repayment. I have not been giving any money but he i still working on the internet....thank you all to be kind and tell everybody about this.... this person just stole my images from my fb page & hacked some1 else pg running for a political office and has changed the person profile pic to my image..


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