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“From recovering from a broken neck due to a severe car accident, to PCOS, high blood pressure and headaches, I’ve lived through the challenges. Best of all, they are delicious, affordable, and quick.

Done with debilitating dieting, proceed low-calorie artificial nonsense, and all the other 'starve yourself harder' insanity? Why not eat more of the right things rather than less of everything? With the new science of SANE eating, slim is simple.” — Jonathan Bailor, SANE Founder & New York Times best-selling author E foods empower you with the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids needed to live your best life.

125 lbs Later, SANE opened my eyes on how easy and enjoyable a healthy lifestyle can be! : Nutritional Serenity & Long-term Fat Loss "Real food doesn't have a barcode on it!

Finally, after five years of trying, I got pregnant! “I have been through Weight Watchers but could never lose more than maybe 10 pounds.

Eating more, as long as it’s SANE, is sustainable and enjoyable! I also was on cholesterol medication, but my cholesterol went from 220 to 103, and I was taken off that medication as well.