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Fear of approaching you, as women still expect men to do the approaching as otherwise most women feel if they do the approach then they are coming on too strong, plus they themselves are often afraid of rejection.

Unless you're talking in a nightclub, where the atmosphere is already very social, when you're in normal places like the bus or coffee shop, women have been conditioned to be a little cautious for good reasons, after all there are a lot of less than virtuous men out there just as there are a lot of less than virtuous women out there.

If a woman is afraid, it will be used against you, so you first DISARM her of this fear, you take away her feelings of fear.

And now that she is DISARMED and open to you, THEN you CHARM her to attract her. My favorite method to do that is by you drawing upon POSITIVE VIBES that she herself can IMMEDIATELY relate to.

If you ever thought that attracting women is hard, I have good news for, it's actually EASY.