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However, I found the people in Peru to be very friendly and had a great time.

I returned to the US and was still in communication with her.

I liked what I read, but being skeptical I called Bruce White -- just like the photo magazine stated -- "call Bruce if you have questions".

My next step was to have my picture placed in the Men's photo magazine and purchase the women's photo magazine with 600 names with address. Thanks to e-mail communication was relatively easy. Rosa was waiting at the airport for me and had arranged a hotel for my stay.

Bob's Story I was married for 24 years, but my wife decided she wanted something else out of life.

We were divorced and she was promptly with her new older man.

In January 2002 I decided to take another trip to Peru to make sure she was the one. On this trip I took all the INS forms I thought I needed and we both had our photos taken for the different forms we would need to file.