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When interested in you, she will keep the conversation going. Go back your table and look for the next lucky girls. Usually, these live band bars are packed, so it is normal to ask a group of women to share the table.Will be easier to approach women if they are alone (very rare) or in groups of 3+ girls.

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Get a table with some drinks, chill out and look around for a group of girls without guys.

Typically, I write about Asian women, e.g, Thai girls, Khmer or Filipina. In Bangkok, you can find anything you want, even that charming Russian woman or a wild African panther.

But often, I get asked where can be found Western women, and in this case, I’m exposing Bangkok nightlife scene to meet Russian, Eastern European women and African ladies. Going to Bangkok for business or leisure, and you want to have a western companion with you instead of a classic Thai girlfriend, just because you don’t have an attraction for Asian women or during a long vacation, eating every day Thai p…. It is only a matter of knowing the right location and learn how to deal with the women’s expectations.

Just move to the girl’s table with a big smile and a simple “Hi,” cheers them both and create eye contact with your target woman. There aren’t only clubs in this area, but also bars with live music where girls enjoy chatting and having few drinks.

If she feels flattered, stay and start the conversation. Some of the most popular one’s being Brick Bar, Gulliver’s and Gazebo.