Sex search no email needed

Tor mail needs Tor (Browser Bundle is best option) or tor2web by the way.

Sex search no email needed-81

So, I see no harm in providing a mobile number too. But wouldn't the likes of Gmail etc., perform a search of database phone numbers or send a verification code that would require a response?

I'll check Tor Mail to see if they accept sign ups without any of the said requirements.

Even the K7 dot net website, which provides phone numbers, requires a master email address. I always give made up phone numbers when any website asks for it unless I feel otherwise is necessary. Eventually, I provided the info because, as Anupam pointed out, there is a good and valid reason for asking you for it.

Does anyone know of any reliable and reputable email service that does not require ANY previously created email address nor ANY phone number? This may be in the "too hard basket I think" An alternate email address is required so that in case you lose the password of your email, then password restore information could be sent to the alternate one. I guess, as jim pointed out, you could always give false info, particularly if it's a 'disposable' email address. With increasing registrations all over the internet, it's now hard to keep track of your login credentials, and it's easy to forget passwords, security questions, and the likes. That's why, to make it more secure, and to make the retrieval easy, such information is now asked for.

You used to be able to get a free email (webmail) address without need of a cell/mobile/land line phone number or any previous email addresses. I've had my 2 email addresses with Hotmail and GMail before they started asking for this type of information.