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“This case is a good example of how social media is being used as a tool by traffickers to lure impressionable job-seekers into slavery,” Exodus Road CEO Mark Rhodes said Friday in a Freeland statement.

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Together, the lessons in primary and secondary school provide a comprehensive sex education curriculum that will help to reduce promiscuity, unwanted pregnancies, baby-dumping, HIV infection, and other social ills." In conservative, Muslim-majority Malaysia, authorities and the public have been alarmed by the proliferation of baby-dumping.

While 79 such cases were seen last year, the number this year had already hit 70 by mid-September.

In the past week, Malaysia has introduced plans to teach sex education to primary and secondary students.

Just days after the government announced that secondary school pupils will receive the instruction beginning next year, Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong said, "We want to also give primary school students aged between six and 11 years a better understanding of family values and how to protect yourself from high-risk behavior.

The Malaysian man, Kheng Hsiang Low, and the two Thai women face charges of human trafficking, forced prostitution, and participating in a transnational crime network, the AP reported. Komvich said in the last five years, they have trafficked six women.