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All 10 spent $362,000 in travel, meals and hotels over the last 21/2 years, including at least 60 limousine rides, often from the Philadelphia and Baltimore airports.

Then there was the $6.9 million that board members were paid for their service over the last three years, an unusually lucrative perk for a board overseeing a school for poor children.

Lavish spending - a concern at the super-rich trust - is being sharply questioned again by regulators at the Pennsylvania attorney general's office who tried to curb directors' compensation and expenses in a 2013 agreement between the $12 billion Hershey Trust and the state agency.

"It looks from a distance like the [Hershey Trust] needs a real housecleaning in the board room," said Randall Roth, a trust law expert at the University of Hawaii's William S. Roth, a national expert on trust law, said some Hershey directors seem to be treating the trust fund for poor children as a "cookie jar" for their own benefit.

"These piecemeal reforms aren't getting it to where it needs to be," said Jonathan Klick, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School who has written on the Hershey Trust.