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And then there’s that great party scene where they’re projecting on the wall of a house.

Ace soundtrack too—Les Negresses Vert, Don Cherry and Nana Vasconcellos, Gavin Friday… The sole extra of note is a 30-minute interview with, Koepp, which has lots of solid stuff.

Not big on extras, but a highly memorable viewing experience. On the other hand, the late afternoon job promotion scene with Spader and John De Lancie is pretty sweet and definitely suggests visual expressiveness to come from the Elswit camp.

Inspirational dialogue: “All big, handsome cowards, all filthy pigs like you are.” —­B (Shout! As does the discovery of the emptied-out apartment.

—B+ pal-of-mine Kim Morgan, who contributes an eloquent and impassioned defense on one of the discs extras, an almost unspeakably bad film.