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That way you can close them down easily if you need to.Use secure messaging in app: Don’t rush to move to off-app communications (email, phone, etc).Use throwaway accounts: Some dating apps require an email or a Facebook account to log in.

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Now, mobile dating app Tinder has followed suit by introducing verified accounts to their service and we’ll no doubt see blue check marks next to Lindsay Lohan and Katy Perry who are apparently fans of the app.

Here are three quick tips to help you have fun and avoid scandal while dating online.

You can help protect yourself and your data by not giving out any personal details unless you are sure you’re talking to a real person.

Be careful what you share: Remember that anything you upload to an app will likely become their property, so don’t be surprised if you log in to find your picture on the homepage as “hot date of the week” or even used in promotional material!

Make sure you’re happy for anything you share to be seen publicly.