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Becky's bitchy sister Laura and her menacing, uber-thug fiance Paul (played with scene-stealing precision by Kerry Howard and Ricky Champ), are regular visitors to the flat as is Dan (Joe Wilkinson), the weird, beardy neighbour from upstairs.Tovey says filming in such a confined space means life can come to imitate the show: cast and crew spend a week working on each episode, but "mostly end up dossing about on the bed, talking about our poos.

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Sitting in his local in north London, a chalkboard menu and Chesterfield sofas kind of affair, Tovey proudly holds forth on Him & Her, scattering his sentences with endearing yelps and incredulous splutters. Stefan [Golaszewski, the writer] has notched it up, the characters have become more grotesque," he explains over a ginger ale.

Called out in the press for being crude, filthy, lewd and grubby, Him & Her is a show about Becky (Sarah Solemani) and Steve (Tovey), a pair of loved-up, layabout nobodies who do nothing and go nowhere.

He is currently rumoured to be going out with Gok Wan but blushes and shuts down when we ask about his relationship status.

"I do get offered lots of gay roles but they're just not that interesting.

We're incredibly relaxed but it's an absolute blessing that we get on so well, otherwise imagine what I put poor Sarah through?


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