Pros and cons of dating in high school

[Read: 18 signs to know if he’s overprotective and dominating] #5 Celebrities are no strangers to marrying their high school lovers.

Here are some celebs who’ve popped the question: – Le Bron James married and fathered the children of his high school sweetie, Savannah Brinson.

#4 According to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, 60% of young women *including high school girls* have been in an abusive relationship.

] #2 A study in the Boston Herald regarding cohabitation before marriage concluded that only a mere 21% of unmarried couples would continue living together after a 5- to 7-year period.

[Read: 6 common problems faced by couples who live together] #3 A U. Census Bureau study, along with many others, suggests that you reduce the risk of divorce by 24% by waiting until you are at least 25 years old before getting married.

The question might seem mind boggling, but the answer is actually pretty simple: they all married their high school sweethearts!

No matter what category you fall under, we have some fabulous statistics for you about marrying your high school sweetheart.

– Bono and Ali Hewson started their romantic journey at 15 and followed it all the way into marriage! The pros and cons of marrying your high school sweetheart When it comes to marrying your high school sweetheart, you’ve probably heard strong opinions on both sides of the fence.