Pros and cons of dating an older man

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If this is the case, you’ll be amazed at how addressing it in counseling could help you, transforming you from need-based dating to healthy desire-based relationships. It’s his built-in desire to show you he’s a man who already knows how to treat you like a lady.

Many smart single women now see dating an older man, not as a drawback, but an advantage. Only you can decide how much is too much of an age gap for your taste? But, studies show that, emotionally and psychologically, women mature faster than men.

So he being older might make him an even better fit, than younger guys you’re accustomed to.

As with any great idea, there are pluses and minuses/pros and cons.

Consider these: Don’t automatically assume that all the positives or the negatives apply, just because a man is older. If you’ve decide to stretch your limits and be open/give older men a chance, I want you to do it right.