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In addition, projects that directly reduce local air pollution emissions will rank higher than projects that reduce regional air pollution or projects that may result in future air pollution reductions.

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The reduction can also be regional and indirect, such as weatherization of commercial/government buildings, which reduces electrical demand and, presumably, reduce the amount of coal or fossil fuel electrical generation outside the District.

RFPJuly 8, 2011 (pdf) Abatement Order March 17, 2011 (pdf) In January 2008, the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District (District) issued an order to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) that required about 13 square miles of dust controls to be implemented on the dried bed of Owens Lake October 2010.

Included in this area was 3.1 square miles (known as the Phase 7a areas) on which the LADWP could, at their own risk, deploy an experimental dust control measure known as “Moat and Row.” For a number of reasons, the LADWP was unable to implement the Moat and Row controls and missed the October 2010 deadline.

Air quality improvements from the first example are much easier to quantify than those from the second example.

Most of the possible projects will fall somewhere along a gradient between these two examples.