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It's like when you meet someone you have one thing in common with - eg. You shouldn't be running out of things to say, with the right person. Ahhh gotta remember when me n my boyfriend sometimes feels like we r running out of things to talk about, we used to play internet solitaire when we were apart whilst we both at work lol..quite fun to do cos sometimes we just doesnt feel like talking.when we have random stuff goin on in our head, we will quickly tell each other about n then it would become a conversation, n it leads to another conversation bla bla bla..i know sounds weird but works for us hehehe.

a class you're both taking - and that's what you talk about. I've run out of things to say with people and although we got along ok it was clear we weren't made for each other. He used to afraid we might running off stuffs to talk about once we met but we both always have a lot things to tell when we see each other..sorry to say, if u already running out of things to talk about even before u meet, its gonna a be a bit harder once u met..always best to keep certain things to urself until that moment arrived when u can share another side of urself with each other.

The class ends and you have nothing much else to say, except talking about the past. Also, it depends on what you think the grey areas are. On the other hand I've gone out with people hwere the conversation flowed all night long, easily. When it's the right person you could talk for days on end and still want more. Before you two meet you may want to make mental notes of things you are going to want to talk about. If you want things to work with this woman you'll probably have to open up a bit and maybe even go into those 'grey' areas. Mark in Williamsport, PA (aka Lifecaster1)Yes, meet her so you have a "real" person to connect with... If you truly have nothing left to say to each other, it's possible you're not meant to be.

Unless you just want to skim the surface of your life you will have to go a bit deeper at some point. Just being in their presence brings you contentment. I hope it is just nerves that is causing the conversation to dry up. A little teasing, a story about a family member leads to another story..just happens. I think it's a matter of taking it to the next level as some are hanging out in person doing an activity it's ok just to have that silent time to enjoy one another's company. good luck Hey's the deal...small talk will only get you so far. If you two don't feel comfortable doing that after a month..then I'm guessing that for whatever reason..just isn't there. And like someone said, hopefully her trip will give you more to talk about... If for want of everything else, talk about those topics or things that interest you - it's one sure way to find out if she is the one you are looking for... I can sympathise with you though, i'm not a great phone conversationalist either, but i can talk someones ear off in person (hypothetically of course) Relationships progress in little steps, and you're still taking baby ones!

Maybe if you just edge into it, instead of telling her your deepest darkest secrets. I'm guessing you guys really aren't compatible but I can understand pursuing it if she's the only option within 20 miles.[qoute]i'm thinking that if you are running out of things to talk about you probably aren't in the right relationship..."The Boss" and i spent everyday for 3 months talking for a minimum of 7 hours a day. It should just flow and when you find that with someone you will know that you are on the right track! I have to tell you man, talking for four weeks without meeting is entirely too long. :) I once invested many many typing hours emailing back and forth with one girl a couple of years back. We had an incredible connection, and I really felt like I had gotten to know her. I'm gonna have to go with Dana here - I think that when you find the right person, there is a natural chemistry that just "clicks", and you never run out of things to talk about. No wonder you've stalled, it's time to meet in person and find out if there's reason to keep on going, or not.

Who initiates the conversation - is it always you or does she bring things up as well? Granted, you or she may speak of such interests in differing ways (to be expected) but there is always a new avenue to explore or a new corner to peek around. If there is a lot of common ground, you'll never run out of things to talk about, but if you do, then you might not have enough in common to keep things interesting. Pink"Small talk" is for****ail parties and first dates.

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