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Of course, Monday Night Raw has been oversaturated with high profile main events ever since the Monday Night War.

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After Fastlane and the following Raw, it looked like the main event at Wrestle Mania would be the Champion, Triple H, taking on Roman Reigns. Furthermore, why would they push a superstar like Roman Reigns, who has proven to be unsuccessful in winning over audiences, to contend for the Heavyweight Championship in the main event against Triple H? Last week on Monday Night Raw, The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose, confronted Triple H, accusing him of being scared of the psycho superstar.

Ambrose accused the COO of knowing that he couldn’t beat Dean, and challenged him to a title match before Wrestle Mania.

BUT, this particular title match could prove to be a defining moment for both Dean Ambrose and Wrestle Mania. The actions of Dean Ambrose winning the title before Wrestle Mania would set forth a series of events that would spin the WWE title picture into chaos.

Yes, Roman Reigns is the number one contender for the WWE championship. So what happens if Dean Ambrose shocks the world at Roadblock and snags a victory over the King of Kings? This would give “The Lunatic Fringe” moniker some purpose.

It’s become so expected to have a world title match on Monday Night that it’s nearly lost its luster.


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