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It the seat of the Federal Government, the House of Representatives and the House of Federation, as well as country’s center of commerce and industry.

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It shares borders with the Sudan and South Sudan to the west; Eritrea to the north and north-east; Djibouti and Somaliland to the east; Somalia and Kenya to the south.

It covers an area of 1.14 million square Kilometers (944,000 square miles) The population according to the 2007 Census was 73,918,505.

The growth rate is estimated at 3.2% and the current population estimate is now 86 million, of which 46% fall within the 1-14 age range; 51% between 15 and 64; and 3% are over 65.

Approximately 17% of the population is estimated to live in urban areas.

Ethiopia is home to over 80 different peoples and nationalities.