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Here’s the bottom line – it’s not perfect, no where near it, but for my style of shooting, both personal and professional… Right up front I will tell you, there are definitely a few things I wish Nikon had done differently, but I can say that about every camera I’ve ever used.

I’ve already written a couple of extensive reviews on the Nikon Df, but I wrote them early on.

I wanted to write a quick summary of what my thoughts are now on the Nikon Df, why I’m thinking of buying a 2nd, and to hopefully clear up a little confusion about this controversial camera.

What I’ve noticed with the Nikon Df is that there are those that love it, those that don’t care for it, and those that are just plain confused by it.

6 months ago, not too long after it started shipping, I traded in one of my two Nikon D800 ‘s for the Nikon Df. I shoot it for personal work, for weddings, and to be honest I’m considering trading my other Nikon D800 for another one.


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