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Katie Holmes is reportedly pursuing a relationship with Robin Thicke; meanwhile, the singer’s ex may be planning to switch teams.Sources have indicated that Robin and Katie are talking and flirting a lot lately, with plans to go on a date soon.“Robin and Paula aren’t getting back together because Paula’s into girls,” an unidentified actress told .

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“She dropped him an email recently to see how he was, knowing he was going through divorce hell,” an insider told Katie Holmes reportedly plans to give Robin a chance as soon as he returns from his summer tour.

“They’ve arranged a date in New York after his tour ends this month,” the insider said.

Actually, I think she may have just used that as an excuse to get out of her marriage,” continued the insider.

There was no verification of the rumor that Paula Patton is now pursuing women, and there could be doubts about the reports of Katie Holmes and Robin Thicke are dating as well.

“As she was in the same boat with Suri, who was four at the time.” “She was invaluable with her advice on looking after a new baby.