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Morrison’s popularity skyrocketed in 2004 when she played Dr.

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Jennifer was engaged once with actor Jesse Spencer. She firstly appear in the movie Intersection (1994), where she starred as a daughter of Richard Gere and Sharon Stone. Recently Jennifer played in How I Met Your Mother (2005), Star Trek (2009) and Warrior (2011).

Well some Hollywood relationships aren’t meant to survive more than one season.

Check out also boyfriend lists of Miley Cyrus, Olivia Wilde, and Miranda Cosgrove. They even once went for romantic trip to Paris together, Jesse and Jennifer. It’s too bad that their relationship didn’t work out and they broke up in 2007, don’t you think?

It appears that after her last split with Sebastian Stan, Morrison wants a short break from relationships.

Jennifer met her last boyfriend Sebastian on the series of Once Upon a Time.