Itemupdating read only field

I will get round to it, as I'd like to mark an answer for this question, just to keep things clean. It a Asynchronous Event that happens after the Items has been added, so is the issue with your calse.

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List Item Dim current Site Title As String = properties. Title Update Item Title(new Item, current Site Title) new Item. System Update() End Sub As you can see, I've tried both Update() and System Update(), but in each case, when the user tried to check in the page, they get a message that the page has been modified externally.

Plus, when viewing the page, the title field value has not changed. changing the properties.afterproperties will get around the save conflict.

I have written an event receiver that is activated on the 'Item Added' event of a 'Pages' list.

The code runs fine, but my issue is this - during the call to my Sub Item Added, I want to change the value of a field belonging to the current list item (in this case an aspx page).

The idea is that I can configure the 'Title' field to be another value, which my event receiver configures, and by the time the user sees the page in edit mode, the new title will have been saved for the page.