Introvert online dating

I was truly addicted for a while; I could swipe through 100 people a day.

But then I started dating someone, so I deleted it, and I got back on it for three weeks because I was explaining it to a few people who just moved here and thought I should check up on it."E: "I go in dating waves, so I’ve gotten on and off Tinder maybe 20 times.

Our extrovert is Emily, a 29-year-old who jokingly refers to herself as "Tinderella." Ahead, the two chat about their different dating-app lives.

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S: "I would swipe right on very few people, like 10%. I don’t have to stare at someone’s photo too long to understand if I’m into it — it’s mostly off instant physical interest, and if someone lived really close by, like less than a mile away. I gravitate toward brown-haired guys with stubble or beards and glasses. But I don’t swipe right if you’re taking a shirtless selfie or if you have a photo with a tiger.

Also, if their bios were funny — they couldn’t just be blank profiles. Let’s be honest; let’s take off all the drugged tiger photos.

Online dating has, fortunately, lost much of its original stigma — according to, a whopping 40 million Americans use online-dating services.

And while the online-dating pool has widened, so have the personality types within it.

There are moments when I’m, liked, tired of being single, so I’ll go on a bunch of dates in a week or two, and then I’ll get tired of it and delete it, and I’m done with it for the time being."Let’s talk about your swiping strategy.