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I wanted you to hear it from me first.” If she asks when it started, please use this truth instead: “Any time is too close to your breakup, isn’t it?

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There’s only consideration of how much of the truth she needs, for her sake, and supplying it accordingly.

Without the details, I can only guess at that magic quantity.

Sister tries to disrupt our time with Ex and children, screaming and crying that our relationship with Ex is “preventing her from moving on with her life.” Now she is using social media to tell everyone we have supported Ex’s “planned scheme to cut her off from friends and family.” We have never disclosed her affair to anyone.

I don’t know if revealing some details would sound alarms to others who may also encourage her to seek help. Ex’s lawyer has all of the details, but Ex, and we, are concerned about taking any steps that would expose the details to the kids.

I guess I’m thinking specifically of altering the timeline, so there’s more distance between when they broke up and when we started dating.


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