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"You guys have played this the best I have ever seen anyone play," host Ryan Devlin gushed after the love hopefuls shared celebratory kisses and champagne. Fast-forward to the present: MTV News spoke with most of the guys and gals from the Hawaii-based installment to find out what they've been doing since they left this once-in-a-lifetime experience -- and whether or not their relationships with their PMs have flourished in the real world.

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This is the couple’s second go at parenthood, after a successful eaglet-raising in 2015.

It is also noted that the new pair was defending their future nesting area against migrating eagles.” The couple built their first nest in January 2015, and laid their first egg — or eggs — in February.

Then in the fall, more bald eagles began to migrate through the area, and it wasn’t long until the male was paired with a mate.