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Believe it or not, over 25% of our member base has a master’s degree or higher.Compare that to the national average of people with master’s degrees or higher at 12%, you guys are a bunch of smarty pants!

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Here at CMB, we know that our users are intelligent — you’re smart enough to have chosen us after all!

Joking aside, what you may not know is that we are indeed, statistically, a favorite among highly educated professionals.

I guess popular groups just have a sixth sense about these things and know they can be picky.

Given that the type of degree someone holds has a clear impact on their attractiveness level, I was curious if there is a distinctive difference in the way people present themselves on their profiles, depending on the degree they have - i.e., are there words or phrases those with MBAs use a lot more than those with Ph Ds?

As always, men and women are as different as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, and our study proves no exception.