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This is because they have a tendency to reject, kindly but firmly, the love that is offered to them.

This is not because they do not wish to take on responsibilities for others they will shoulder them uncomplainingly - but because they set an enormous value on their emotional freedom.

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Sagittarian personalities include and have included Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Noel Coward, John Osborne, and performers Frank Sinatra and Gipsy Rose Lee.

Sexuality and the Emotions Strongly Sagittarian men and women are both lovable as friends and desirable as long-term partners.

Once they do settle down, however, Sagittarians make devoted husbands, wives and parents.

Sagittarius is a lucky sign and destiny usually seems to afford pure Sagittarians more than one opportunity of achieving success; for them the old saying about 'as one door closes another opens' usually proves to be true.

With the Sagittarian carelessness goes a freedom-loving personality and an open and generous-hearted attitude towards life.