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HSBC Premier accounts: Canada & USA: 1-866-233-3838Anywhere else in the world, call collect: 1-604-216-8800 HSBC Premier Master Card: Canada, USA, & Europe: 1-866-405-4722Anywhere else in the world, call collect: 1-905-415-4722HSBC Master Card Customer Care (anywhere within Canada and the U. Box 20, Station M Montreal, QC H1V 3L6 Call toll free from: • Hong Kong: 8 • Taiwan: 0080-112-6127 • Singapore: 800-1011026 • Australia: 1-800-504-061 • UK: 08 • USA: 1-800-291-3888 Call from anywhere else in the world: 1-604-525-4722 HSBC Securities Global Investor Immigration Services ("GIIS") HSBC Capital General Inquiries: 1-604-631-8089 HSBC Global Asset Management HSBC Investment Funds HSBC Invest Direct HSBC Financial Corporation Ltd.S.): - General Inquiries - Lost or Stolen Cards 1-866-406-4722 within Canada/U. A., elsewhere call collect 1-905-415-4723 HSBC Rewards Customer Care (anywhere within Canada and the U. Cookies are enabled We may use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.Section 3 of this Privacy Policy contains specific details regarding personal information collected from children.

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S) 1-866-688 HSBC (4722) Card Activation (anywhere within Canada and the U. Third-parties may also use cookies on our website for tailored advertising experiences.

S) 1-866-573 HSBC (4722) Telephone Device for the Deaf (TTY) 1-866-525 HSBC (4722) HSBC Master Card Payment Address P. Read our Cookie Policy for more details and to learn about your opt-out choices.

There is a $5.00+tax replacement fee, which can be paid upon picking up your card at our flagship Downtown Markham location.

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