Fantasia and kanye west dating

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He and songwriter Diane Warren are launching a record label (with Kimberly Caldwell as the first release), and he's producing both Mariah Carey and his fellow judge Paula Abdul.

Hit the flip for photos of Antwaun from the party and lots more shots of Dinah Sade.

When asked backstage at last week's "American Idol" finale who he would most like to work with in the future, Ruben Studdard appropriately answered, "Fantasia Barrino!

As first reported here earlier this month, Kanye West will launch a fall tour with Common, Fantasia and Keyshia Cole. "I love the feeling of these tracks playing, getting the opportunity to hear them really loud and see what's connecting with people the most."West is the hottest artist in the country right now, boasting the No.

11 in Vancouver, and includes multiple-night stands at New York's Theatre at Madison Square Garden and Los Angeles' Universal Amphitheatre."I love performing," West recently told Billboard.


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