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The body remembers The body remembers much better than mattress foam your closeness on cold nights the thickness of your hair the softness of your skin the roundness of your breasts the smoothness of your newly shaven legs the cupness of your fine ass the oneness that we had.

The body remembers until the minds reminds us that you're gone.

Now having recently found the "Literotica" website I thought I would post some of my experiences for others to enjoy. 02THE CHEAP DATE The music in the club thumped loudly, the various lights flashing and flaring around the hard-bodied, young man and woman grinding against one another on the dance floor.

The French Are Sexy Over the years I have come to be hooked on exhibitionism / voyeurism and have many interesting experiences which I have often relayed to other people with similar interests.

01Chapter one - "The Mile High Club" Teri could barely sit still...