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That means she must be thinking of him a lot right?

Every 6 minutes, you’ll go on a mini-date with 15 other young professionals looking for the same thing you are! No worries, after a few minutes, you get to meet someone else. And just as simple as that, you get to go on a 2nd date that’ll feel more comfortable and with someone you feel a connection with.**BONUS** - Match up with someone? If you choose to visit Pomp and Circumstance and have your date there, you get a VIP discount for your night!

Mark down your choices and we’ll take care of the rest.

Tired of wasting your time on fruitless tinder dates? Introducing....*drum roll* Easy Dating Here at Meet People Chicago, we understand that as young professionals, you’re busy and your time is a commodity.

Taking a chance to get stuck on a date with someone you don’t really know or feel a connection with can definitely be a disappointing night. So don't waste your time and join us as we make the road to dating safe, easy and fun by getting all of the obstacles out of the way for you.