Dreams about dating other people

Upon entering REM sleep, your heart rate and breathing become irregular, your eyes move rapidly and your brain activity rises toward the same level as when you're awake.

That's when you do about 80 percent of your active dreaming—and when dreams are most vivid.

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Well, consider this: Experts say that keeping a closer eye on your dreams can actually help you improve your life.

"Every night when you dream, you subconsciously assess what's going on in your life," says Gayle Delaney, Ph D, author of What Happens When We Go to Sleep In the first 90 minutes of sleep, you go through deepening stages—ranging from light sleep to deep sleep.

So exactly what happens in our brain when we dream?

Sleep experts admit they're not sure, but it appears that dreams are where memories meet emotion.

On the one hand, your dreams can help you tap into the emotional issues in your waking life.