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Josephine Cochran, whose grandfather was an inventor who was awarded a steamboat patent, invented the dishwasher. But first, in 1850, Joel Houghton patented a wooden machine with a hand-turned wheel that splashed water on dishes, it was hardly a workable machine, but it was the first patent. Neither of these devices was particularly effective.

Alexander improved the device with a geared mechanism that allowed the user to spin racked dishes through a tub of water.

She designed the first model in the shed behind her house in Shelbyville, Illinois.

Her dishwasher was the first to use water pressure instead of scrubbers to clean the dishes. Cochran had expected the public to welcome the new invention, which she unveiled at the 1893 World's Fair, but only the hotels and large restaurants were buying her ideas.

She founded a company to manufacture these dish washers, which eventually became Kitchen Aid.