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Other popular alternatext apps include Whats App, Text Now, and Viber.

Snapchat Every day, some 400 million photos are shared via Snapchat; those photos then disappear, as Snapchat has them automatically self-destruct in ten seconds or less.

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Forget Facebook: Here are five of the most troubling Web and mobile apps your teens may be using.

Kik Messenger This alternative texting service let your teens chat and swap pictures while bypassing your wireless provider's SMS service.

Kik offers a guide for parents, but it's not terribly helpful.

If you want to see what your child has been up to on Kik, you'll have to take their smartphone away and launch the app to see for yourself.

If you think you know what naughty shenanigans your teenager is up to on the Interwebs, you'd better sit down because I have some bad news for you.