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I asked for samples last night and when I woke up this moring, I had them all PMed to me (less than 12 hours - probably done way before I woke up). The writing style is conversational, informative and flows.

The articles sound like a native English speaker wrote them.

Report - 3,000 Words $47 (2 business days to complete depending on what you need exactly) 5.

Minisite - PM me with what you need and I'll hook you up. Sales Copy - PM me with what you need and I'll hook you up. Articles - 400 words $6 (Turn around depends on what you need) 8. My requirements are for keyword phrase based articles in informational niches. I emailed Sebastian about his sample / trial offer, and sent very specific keyword phrases in 3 completely different niches.

I gave him specific instructions on how I wanted my articles written and he had no problem taking care of them exactly as I described. Just read through the sample article's you provided, and as Tony the Tiger (Frosties Tiger) would say.... Unlike many articles I receive, they're actually interesting to read.