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There's a huge wedding coming up, and you'd rather stay home than go, single.

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Just look at the negativity couched in the phrase, "I'm tired of being single."So then, how do you change that outlook for a more positive one? Think about the things you want, relationship-wise. What do you want people to see when they run into you and your love?

It's those things, those positive feelings and emotions that make you feel all tingly and giddy inside that you want to focus on. feels, and keep that tidbit with you wherever you go.

Ceriden asks, "I've been single way too long now, and want to change it.

I'm tired of being single, and explaining to my friends and family why... Please don't tell me to hit the online dating sites either, as I've been there, done that".

For me, that means surrounding myself with love - whether it's love I already feel from my friends or that I share with others, love role models that I admire and aspire to, or loving words, shows, gestures, songs and experiences.