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There will also be letters together with the Wedgwood England which will help you to date items produced between 18.

Any items that were produced before 1891 will have a three letter dating code on them and this type of marking ran from about 1860 until 1891.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule for example smaller pieces such as thimbles or miniatures, often these pieces will only carry the stamp Wedgwood England because of their size in comparison to the stamp being used.

Items of Wedgwood which are pre 1908 will be marked Wedgwood England and although it will be separated the stamp will not be uniformed in shape.

The term 'jasper' came from the Greek word 'iaspis' which itself has oriental origins and is linked to the Hebrew word 'yaspeh' which stands for an opaque range of quartz which is ordinarily coloured red, yellow or brown.


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