Dating a lawyer tips

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Make sure anyone who is writing an affidavit for you can be specific and detailed in their statements, it is as if they are testifying in court and the examiner will want to get a good sense on how they knew you as a couple and their thoughts on why you divorced.

It is common to get an interview notice in this scenario.

Make sure that you have carefully prepared your petition with as many supporting documents as possible that show your marriage was genuine.

If you are a conditional green card holder (someone who received their green card through marriage to a US Citizen and you were married for less than 2 years at the time that you received your green card) then you will need to file the I-751 to remove the conditions on your green card before your two year anniversary of receiving your green card.

I’ve discussed how to file the I-751’s supporting documents when you are divorced/separated here and now I am going to discuss how to prepare for the interview.


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